Celebrate Earth Day!


Earth Day, celebrated internationally to inspire environmental awareness and love for our planet, is a special day for Baker’s Birkenstock. Earth Day is about acknowledgement, but it’s also a way to be aware of the resources we use. Buying locally is one of the best ways to use that awareness, and we thank you for that!

Baker’s Birkenstock uses basic, resourceful means to be environmentally friendly. Some of the quick and easy things we do to reduce our footprint is use scrap paper for everything! Old envelopes make great lists, and we cut up paper that is used on one side for notes. We recycle everything we can, including old shoe boxes. If we can’t find an immediate use for repurposing the boxes, we break them down and put them in the proper bin. We always thank customers for shopping small and local and encourage them to keep coming back.

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As you may know from previous blogs, Baker’s Birkenstock is a big fan of the renewable and sustainable resource, cork. Since many of our products have cork footbeds, it behooves us to do what we can for cork products. That includes recycling old wine corks. Bring us your old wine corks (please, no plastic ones) and we will ship them off to ReCork, a company that turns them into new shoes, yoga blocks, even surf board traction!

Buying new shoes is how we sustain our business, but we like to inform customers of the few ways they can maintain their footwear to make the most life out of it. Cork sides can be sealed and glued to help longevity, and Birkenstocks can be repaired by a shoe repair person- that means you can repair your trusty Birks time and time again! If you want to know if your shoes can be repaired, take a quick look at the local shoe repair shops in your area and see if it can be done. Not only are you saving the resources of buying a new pair, you are also supporting the craft and skills of cobblers.

We also like to choose sustainably-made products, whenever possible.
That’s why we carry Little River Sock Mill, a company that makes their organic cotton socks from start to finish in Fort Payne, Alabama.


The eclectic classic Solemate socks are made from recycled cotton sweaters too! These are simple ways we choose to bring Chico goods that align with our values of sustaining this great planet. We do not always have a choice in where our products are made, but we hope that by having a curated selection and choosing companies that do good by us, are ways we can give back.

 Thank you for acknowledging and celebrating Earth Day with us. What are some ways you choose to celebrate?

Whitney Huskey