The Most Comfortable Shoe, Pt. I

One of the biggest questions we are asked has no straight answer:

“What is the most comfortable shoe?”

Did you know that comfort is entirely based on your personal preference and needs? At Birkenstock of Chico and Paradise, we carry over 30 brands of comfort shoes, which means that we have a variety of comfort styles. The most classic types of comfort in a shoe are width, cushion, and support. Some other factors that will be covered in the next part include the softness of the upper, flexibility or rigidity of the sole, and rocker bottoms.

Shoes with a moderate amount of arch support can be enough to satisfy most people’s need for comfort. There are a few shoe brands that have arch support and a nice amount of cushion. The combination of cushion and arch support are able to supply relief for all day comfort for most.

Some high profile brands have moderate to very pronounced arch support. Some customers prefer to have no cushion in their shoes with lots of support. Lots of arch support is great for all day standing or walking, like if you are a nurse or a retail clerk.

Other shoes tend to have more cushion with little to no arch supports. These are very comfortable if a customer has flat or sensitive feet.

Another factor in shoe comfort is shoe shape. For optimal comfort, the shape of the shoe should match the shape of the foot. Narrow feet feel great in narrow shaped shoes, just as wide feet feel best in shoes that can accommodate their width properly. Shoes that prohibit the feet and toes from spreading out will most likely be uncomfortable.  Most of our brands make a large variety of styles and shapes for the different comfort needs of the customer. Just because one shoe in a brand didn’t work doesn’t mean that a different shoe won’t!

So remember, next time you come into our Paradise or Chico store looking for your next comfortable shoe, what exactly do you need: Cushion? Support? A lot of both, or a little of either? Wide or narrow? Let us know! We take pride in knowing our stock and what shoe can work best for you. Birkenstock of Chico and Paradise is committed to your sit and fit experience, and will do everything we can to find you the right style and comfort.

Thank you for shopping local! See you soon!


Whitney HuskeyComment