Birkenstock of Chico & Paradise
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About Us


The Birkenstock Store, first established in 1976, was bought by Paul and Helene Baker in 1985. Soon after, they opened the Paradise store and their daughter, Celeste Baker, bought both stores in 1999. Over the course of 40 years, the Birkenstock Store has seen more changes in fashion & fad than your average downtown boutique.

Here at The Birkenstock store, we are proud of the use of our traditional sit and fit shoe service. We will happily work with a customer for as longs as it takes to find the right shoe for them. Thanks to our two locations, we are able to share inventory with our sister store, which means more comfort shoe options for you. We embrace the values of the classic brick & mortar retail store; you will find our sponsorship at local events.

Celeste, with the help of Paul and Helene and her trusty comfort shoe soldiers, puts her best foot forward every day to bringing Chico & Paradise their finest, and most comfortable, footwear. Working with high-quality brands, unique style and flair, plenty of colors, and excellent customer service, our shoe store should be your one-stop-shop to healthy, happy feet.


Please come see us at either location so we can help you find your new favorite pair of shoes!